Reliable support for international production crews and journalists

Fixer Belgium is the ultimate answer to all your needs when it comes to production support. We provide extensive services to international journalists and TV production crews. Filming in Belgium becomes a piece of cake with us.

Our work proves why we are more than a top-notch journalist fixer, so no need to waffle around. Trust Fixer Belgium to provide everything you need, from equipment rental to crew sourcing. Rely on our local experts for dedicated location scouting in Belgium. Our production fixers can also take care of general production and logistics for you.

Collaborate with Fixer Belgium and get access to a wide network of professionals, all across the country. If filming in Belgium is part of your plans, count on our services for the best production assistance. With the help of our local partners, we cover an extensive array of services fit for your film production.

Why should you work with Fixer Belgium?

fixer belgium, Reliable Support for International Filmmakers and Journalists

Simple. Your time is precious and you don’t want to waste it with tedious work when you are filming in Belgium. From crew sourcing to getting a film permit, our production assistance is what you need. For a complete list of our services, check out our dedicated production services page.

Choose us to be your fixer in Belgium and you will get local eyes and ears everywhere. Filming in Belgium will become all beer and skittles with our local partners. From Brussels to Bruges, from Liege to Ardennes, our experts will handle the hassle for you. Check out our suggestions for filming locations in Belgium.

Unlock the full potential of this West European country, throughout its four seasons. No need to wait for spring fever to hit you, we promise to accommodate your demands all year long. TV productions, as well as diverse film varieties, are part of our portfolio. So if you are hoping to find an experienced and enthusiastic fixer in Belgium, you came to the right place.

Fixer Belgium is a part of Storytailors, a worldwide network of media experts. Our local production fixers are a one-stop-shop for producers and journalists.

What Fixer Belgium can do for you

Short of staff? We got you covered. Fixer Belgium team can fill in many production roles which include:

– Production assistant
– Production manager
– Location scout/manager

Equipment rental, camera operator, crew for hire? Find all the resources you need with the best fixer in Belgium. And if your Dutch, French or German are a bit rusty, we have translators ready to assist you. We speak the same language as journalists and video producers. We can help you turn your film production into a success without you sweating it.

Ready to talk…filming? Drop us a message and we will guide you from there. Let us show you what a top-notch fixer in Belgium knows to do best. Contact us today!

Filming in Belgium with us

fixer belgium, Reliable Support for International Filmmakers and Journalists

Fixer Belgium provides top-quality production assistance, adapted to your needs and budget. For press coverage or film projects, we know filming in Belgium can raise questions. And as an experienced journalist fixer and more, we are here to answer them all for you. If you are interested about the filming conditions in Belgium, the tax rebate and film permits, discover more here. 

Location scouting in Belgium is one of our top services. Expand your horizons all across the lands once known as the “Battlefield of Europe”. You can be at peace when filming in Belgium, only sparks of creativity are part of the process. Medieval castles, Art Nouveau architecture, exquisite filming locations are within reach with us. If you are a bit concerned about getting a film permit, rely on our team. Fixer Belgium has a wide network of local partners to help you deal with formalities. From the ultra-modern capital to the most remote village, we got you covered. If you want to find out more about us and what we do, check out this page

Collaborating with production fixers can come in handy for a lot more. Through our partners, you can get the best deals on equipment rental. Fixer Belgium ensures you shoot your TV commercial production in the best conditions.

Get in touch with us to start shooting in Belgium

Brussels is our main production center in Belgium. We also have contacts all over the country, to make sure you have access to everything, everywhere. We can manage camera package rental, film permit paperwork, location scouting in Belgium. But you deserve more, so we offer more. When you have the story, the location, all that is missing are the people. So we handle getting you the most suitable crew for hire. As an experienced journalist fixer, we know how important a camera operator can be for your production.

Not convinced how Fixer Belgium can get you out of the woods? Drop us a message and let us give you a sample of what we can do. We will be glad to offer your initial research and consultation services at no cost.

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Support for international journalists

General research, fact checking, access, logistics

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Our Belgium production fixers act as a one-stop-shop for any requirements.

Film production

Affordable options for documentary producers & filmmakers.

Equipment rental & crew sourcing

Local kit hire & crew sourcing all around Belgium .

Location scouting & permits

Our fixers can sort location permits and gain access to places throughout the country.

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