The Most Versatile Fixer in Belgium

Are you a filmmaker or journalist searching for top-notch production assistance? We have all you need. If you are looking for a reliable fixer in Belgium, count on us to do it all and do it with passion. We offer a wide variety of services, from renting equipment to translation. Let us deal with finding the best location manager or any local experts you need for your team. Our extensive network of contacts and media background help us provide country-wide services.

What our portfolio as a fixer in Belgium includes:

production assistance, Production Services

– Production assistance, including in-depth research and translation services from recognized local experts;
Reliable film and TV crew hiring: camera operator, photographer, sound man;
Location scouting, to find the ideal places for your production;
Guidance for getting a film permit;
Equipment rental and logistics.

Production assistance in Belgium – Our services

Fixer in Belgium

Call off the search for your fixer in Belgium. We offer the local production assistance you need. A team of independent experts providing general production assistance and much more. We also collaborate with local partners for a more thorough approach. This is how we make sure to cover personalized logistics needs for any kind of project.

And you know what makes it great to work with us? Hiring us as your local production fixer in Belgium means you get the best deals. You gain access to services as those provided by a regular production company in Belgium. Yet with us, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Film permit in Belgium

Getting a film permit in Belgium can be mind-boggling for foreigners. Our film production company is here to guide you.

How can getting a film permit be as easy as (Belgian) pie?

A film permit in Belgium is not required if productions do not interfere with people’s lives. Things change if the process impacts the local community. For example, when traffic or other activities are on hold due to film production. The good news is you can get your film permit in Belgium by email. You fill in the details about location, schedule, number of participants on a form. Send the application via email to the local authorities. Get your answer in about two-three weeks and start working worry-free. 

Equipment rental

For documentary filming or TV commercial production, filming equipment makes a great difference. Our nationwide partners offer you the best deals on equipment rental. Get the best filming tools without breaking the bank for them. Our network of collaborators makes camera package rental accessible in any location.

Get the gadgets you need, whether you plan to film in the capital or in a remote southern village with our top-notch production assistance in Belgium. You can find the most recognized providers of equipment rental in Belgium in the big cities. Brussels and Antwerp are some of the biggest equipment rental centers. With our production assistance you will find the filming tools you need, wherever you need.

Crew for hire in Belgium

As experienced production fixers, we can help you find reliable crew for hire in Belgium. Let our local team find the most suitable people for your team, from camera operators to sound engineers and background actors. We are the most reliable fixer in Belgium, so count on us to offer you the highest quality for your production.

Belgium can provide experienced local crew for hire. They adapt to any requirements of international filming projects. A multicultural location, Belgium also gives you access to foreign talents. That is also thanks to its proximity to other important production centers. What about language barriers while filming in Belgium? You will find plenty of English speakers to join your crew. Another advantage of Belgian TV and film professionals is their efficiency and flexibility. When you need a suitable crew for hire in Belgium, we make sure it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Location scouting

How to make sure your film production has an outstanding setting? Easy, collaborate with a professional fixer in Belgium. Let us show you the way because no one will know better than a local what hidden gems can exist off the beaten tracks. Location scouting in Belgium, done at its best, is one of the services that we can provide.
From stunning medieval castles to impressive modern architecture, we got you covered. Trust our production assistance and we can ensure that location scouting in Belgium matches your vision. The best filming locations, for unrivaled productions.

Journalist fixer in Belgium

In the World Press Freedom Index, Belgium is on the 9th place. This means the country is one of the easiest places for international journalists to work in. With local production assistance, foreign media can find access to local contributors quite easily.

We are the favorite journalist fixer in Belgium for many media agencies and for good reason. When you need production assistance in Belgium, we got you covered. As any respectable film production company, we strive to always provide top services. For international journalists who plan to cover a report in Belgium, we know all the insides. Getting a film permit, finding a cameraman, we manage even the smallest details. Reporting from the capital, documentary filming in villages, all ask for various resources. Allow your most knowledgeable journalist fixer in Belgium to help you.

Why trust our production assistance? We are professional, accessible and we know exactly what you need and how to get it. Our wide range of collaborators can help you score interviews with celebrities. And even reach local officials for a comprehensive news report.

Choose us as your journalist fixer in Belgium and let us show you what we can do. We can help you get quick fact checks and initial research free of charge. Get in touch with our fixers in Belgium to find out more.