Filming in Belgium will keep you safe from building castles in the sky. And that is not only because in this country you can find the world’s highest number of castles per square meter. The country is welcoming both foreign filmmakers and journalists. For every aspect of production services, from film permits in Belgium to contributors, count on us. Our team of professionals will make sure to cover all your needs. Knowledgeable and experienced, we are one of the top journalist fixers in Belgium. The country is well-known for its modernity and innovation, visible in architecture and more. Proximity to other major filming locations is another benefit of filming in Belgium.

Access for filming in Belgium

filming in Belgium, Filming in Belgium

Fixer Belgium is the kind of expert in production assistance you need. Our team of journalist fixers covers everything, from permits to getting contributors. We can help you with every aspect of production when filming in Belgium.

The NATO Headquarters or EU institutions can be relevant locations for news reports. Rely on our journalist fixers to help you connect with local resources from these places. For documentary filming, charming Belgian small towns can be more suitable. We are a reliable and experienced production assistance provider. The country’s exceptional infrastructure makes production a piece of cake. Even more, the small size of the country permits efficient and fast access to resources. When it comes to prices, filming in Belgium can involve higher costs. Contact us to know more about the expenses involved when filming in Belgium.

When it comes to paperwork, filming in Belgium is more like plain sailing. Formalities are only necessary when filming involves closing public spaces or traffic control. This kind of production usually requires permits from several government departments. Simple B-roll or documentary filming can be easier. This happens only if it doesn’t disturb the public movement. Avoid time-consuming processes, let our team take care of the paperwork for you.

Institutions and individuals are usually receptive to journalistic activities. Filming in Belgium is more accessible thanks to our experienced journalist fixers. The country is one of the top-ten in the world where press freedom is highly regarded. So, for any kind of production, Belgium can be the location you need.

Getting film permits in Belgium

filming in Belgium, Filming in Belgium

Filming in Belgium is becoming more and more attractive to international producers. Among the reasons, the abundant historical sites and modern architecture are a strength. This is where you will find all from Gothic buildings to UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Add the remarkable regional filming incentives and tech-savvy journalist fixers. And things get way better.

For example, the Flanders region is among the most proactive when it comes to filmmaking. Here, the film industry gets plenty of support from well-organized city film offices.

The country has its growing film industry. At the same time, filming in Belgium attracts more international creators. So finding experienced production fixers is far from complicated in the region. The process of getting approvals and film permits in Belgium is quite transparent. For international and regional productions, a large network of journalist fixers is available.

Wondering how to get the film permits in Belgium? Requirements vary depending on the city or different locations within the cities. Public space recording is usually free. Authorities do recommend to always confirm this with the local film commission. The process of getting film permits in Belgium can vary from 2 working days, up to 45 working days. Also, the taxes associated may vary, depending on location, space and more.

For full details about film permits in Belgium and fees, rely on our team of production fixers. Contact us today!

Tax rebate in Belgium

If some Belgian settings look familiar, it is most likely because you have seen them before. Movies like Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2016) or In Bruges (2008) include some of them. Filming in Belgium can suit both historical productions and journalistic reports. And when you need a reliable fixer for film production, our team is what you have been searching for.

Filming in Belgium offers for any production company plenty of attractive audiovisual incentives. These resources are available for national as well as international co-productions.

The Tax Shelter offers tax benefits at a national level. This applies to any Belgian production company investing in audiovisual productions. These include short and feature films, fictional dramas or TV documentaries.

For each region, a production company can access the Economic and Cultural Funds. The Economic Funds are available to both national and international projects. The economic criteria are the basis for awarding these funds. The Cultural Funds supports film projects based on cultural criteria.

The process may sound quite cumbersome. Trust us to guide you out of the woods. As an experienced fixer for documentary and more, we help you take the right steps and get the funds you need.