Belgium is one of the smallest and unexplored countries in Europe. It has a great history with politics and football, among other things. If you’ve ever had a waffle, here’s where they come from. Doing documentary production in Belgium is all about searching for the ultimate untold story.

Documentary production in Belgium, a short start

Documentary production in Belgium is all about finding that story that needs its own video. When you start your searches, keep in mind the fact that most of Belgium is unexplored. There are people and places that are worthy of documentaries. We will talk about these below. The first thing you should know is, Belgium is a higher-than-average country when it comes to living and prices. Not visited by tourists, Belgium is home to many international bodies of government, which means the cost of living and services is higher than in other European countries.

As an advice, you can simply do your homework right before you turn up in the country, so that you can avoid the most expensive everything. Hotels, restaurants, transportation, and gear, all can be purchased at decent prices in Belgium. This is after all the entire secret of documentary production in Belgium, finding the right balance between cost and value. When you do that, your production will flourish. If you suffer in this position, you will not be able to get things done right. The better you do your planning and homework, the more cost-effective your production will be.

Another important aspect of filming in Belgium is filming permits. With so many buildings having to do with the government of the European Union, you will have to make sure you’re not messing with any laws when filming. Hire a fixer or a local producer to ensure you’re doing it right. These people add an extra cost but the investment pays for itself in fines that will never bother you.

Incredible facts about Belgium

Belgium is famous all over the world for being home to a rude little boy’s statue that pisses all over Bruxelles. Also, the place is home to the European Parliament, as well as other crucial bodies of government for the Union. When it comes to documentary production in Belgium, it’s all about staying away from these well-known facts and looking for the difference and the uniqueness. Here are some facts about Belgium that are worthy of their own video story.

Audrey Hepburn, one of the most famous celebrities and actresses that have ever lived, was born in Bruxelles. If movie history is not what you’re looking for, Belgium is one of the largest chocolate producers on Earth, with more than 220.000 tons of it made every year. Yummy! And surely, it comes as no surprise that in Belgium there’s a place where chocolate is sold more than anywhere on the planet. It happens at the Zaventem airport in Bruxelles. Now that’s a place where you want your layovers to be the longest!