When you think about Belgium, the first thing that comes to mind is the European Union, laws, and a little pissing statue. This country is one of the top destinations on the planet for politics, economics, and culture. It is also a new rising star in video production. Hiring a great film fixer in Belgium to help you out with your project is a top idea.

What makes a great film fixer in Belgium

What makes a great film fixer in Belgium comes down to features. If you want to hire a person that’s reliable to your production, you need to look into experience, portfolio, similarities between your project and their knowledge, as well as things like the problem-solving, the speed with which they do things, language, and communication. Let’s start with the most important, experience and portfolio. A good fixer has experience in doing handiwork on many productions in the past. They would’ve worked with at least 3-5 other crews in the past.

Look into their portfolio next. See if their past projects are similar in nature and topic to the movie you’re about to make. If they are great with movies about politics, for example, but you are filming a documentary on Belgian waffles, then it’s not a match. If instead, they’ve worked on 3 other European Union-related movies or documentaries by now, hire them! Look for some testimonials from past clients, and if you need to, even call these people and ask them how they’ve worked with your potential hire.

Finally, make sure your film fixer in Belgium is great with language and communication in general. The last thing you want is for them to not be able to fully converse into English, which will naturally be the main language of your production. Also, make sure they’re good communicators overall, having ease with making themselves heard by all crew members.

Where to look for a fixer in Belgium

Where do you start looking for a film fixer in Belgium? Naturally, Bruxelles, the capital city of the country, is the number one destination for this task. Bruxelles is the center of the country in terms of video making, as well as culture, industry, and living. That’s where you’ll find most professional video production companies in Belgium. Ask them for their people, or if they’re fully booked, ask them for referrals. If that doesn’t work, go online and look for a freelance film fixer. There’s a bunch of them on the web and you will most likely find the right one in a few days.

Another place where you can search for a fixer is an equipment store. Frequented by people who’re into cameras, lenses, and overall video production, you may find a great professional who’s in the business and ready to help you out when they’re free. Ask the front desk of these stores for photographers or videographers, and take it from there with a phone call or an email.