Belgium is one small country but with big potential in the European movie-making business. And should you find yourself there, the very best thing to do first is to hire your very own production coordinator in Belgium. Why? Because of the many reasons we’re about to discuss in a bit.

How to find the ideal production coordinator in Belgium

How do you find your ideal production coordinator in Belgium? Start by looking after them with professional film solutions companies. In the capital Bruxelles, as well as in cities like Gentor Charleroi, many filming studios can help you in sourcing the ideal candidate. Freelancers also can be your answer, and the great part is, you can look for them even before you head down to Belgium. Make sure the person you’re about to hire has all of the great features of an impeccable coordinator. They’re great communicators, managers, people handlers, and experience with equipment and production in general.

Why should you hire a production coordinator in Belgium? For once, they’re locals. And locals know everything about their country much better than a foreigner. No matter how great your out-of-the-country coordinator might be, they just can’t be in touch with the local realities as a Belgian would be, in this case. So focus on hiring a local from Belgium when shooting there, who’s not just great with the surroundings but also with the local people, their language, and habits.

Next, hiring a local coordinator is a plus for your production as they will bring loads of value for their pay. How? By knowing everything about local laws, taxes and permits, habits and affairs, and so on. It’s nothing like having a local handling things with your crew in terms of smoothness and practicality.

What’s it like producing video in Belgium

You might not be the person to think “Belgium” when thinking about a new place to shoot an ad, a series, or a documentary. But what do you know, Belgium is a rising star on the international filming scene. Many famous productions have been shot there, including titles like Guardians of the Galaxy or Bullhead. What is drawing small and large filming crews to this miniature country somewhere in Northern Europe? Is it the weather? No, because it’s mostly cold, windy, and rainy!

What attracts them, and this is information your production coordinator in Belgium will be glad to present to you directly, is the scenery. The small villages with many cottages, villas, and castles look just like movie sets. And that you can rent and film at for medium to high prices. Depending on location, size, and whatnot. Continuing with the people, who’re generally hardworking and love to be involved in movie productions. Ending with the natural beauty that runs through these tiny villages all around the country.

All in all, Belgium is a great place to shoot any video production. Have a shot at it, and you’ll 100% love the experience there!