A land filled with castles and dreamy landscapes is ideal for magical stories. That is why film locations in Belgium could easily make it to the top of the list for fantasy productions. And there are several whimsical films shot here. Curious to see where all the magic could happen?

Hogwarts-Worthy Film Locations In Belgium

With more than 3,000 castles spread around the country, magic awaits at every corner. It would be impossible for fantasy filmmakers to skip film locations in Belgium. If you are nostalgic for the Harry Potter series but the pandemic is keeping you away from the UK, there is hope.

Several locations resemble the Hogwarts sets, all found in Belgium. Take, for example, the 16th-century castle of Gravensteen. Both inside and out, its appearance will quickly take you back in time or another dimension. Not for the faint of heart, the Sonian Forest can lead to a new adventure. Found right on the outskirts of Brussels, this area could easily pass as the Forbidden Forest. Now, with or without monsters lurking in the dark, the plethora of castles and their dungeons is real.

Leaving plenty of space for imagination to bloom, film locations in Belgium are true gems. Historical or fantasy productions can find a matching backdrop here in no time. And the proximity of these telegenic spots comes as a blessing.

There are so many whimsical, out-of-this-world places to film in Belgium. Just think of the movie Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children(2016). It relied on the stunning Villa Nottebohm and Castle Torenhof for recording. And we dare to say nothing feels or looks ordinary in the scenes of this movie.

Of course, there have also been action movies or dramas filmed in Belgium. And they feature scenic locations as well.

Remarkable Backdrops In Belgium

The aesthetics found across film locations in Belgium are hard to resist. Therefore, hundreds of small and large productions install their set here every year. And if you can only imagine fantasy action unraveling in a Belgian backdrop, think again.

Even a comedy can make the most of the beautiful architecture so well conserved here. For example, the comedy In Bruges (2008) brings to the screen the scenic spots of the city with the same name. The museums, canals, and Belfry here show why Martin McDonagh, the director, chose this city.

Taking it a step further away from any magic-inspired story, we also consider it a thriller. The Canadian-Belgian production The Expatriate (2012) is a great example. Starring Aaron Eckhart, the film is all packed with action and suspense. Its scenes were mostly shot in Antwerp and Brussels. The multiculturality in Belgium came as a prime factor in deciding to film here. As the movie plot follows an ex-CIA agent trying to escape, diversity was key. And they relied on the international U.N. community here to be extras.

Accessible and with top-notch resources, any location here is a potential backdrop. Trust Belgium Fixer to know all about the most scenic spots.