Belgium is one of the most underrated countries in Europe when it comes to filming. A short search on the web for media production in Belgium will reveal just how offering this little gem of a country is. What’s it like producing movies or documentaries in Belgium? We’re about to find out together.

The truth about media production in Belgium

The truth is, media production in Belgium is high-class. A country that’s always growing economically and on all other fronts, Belgium keeps the balance between traditional and modern tight. You’ll find both infrastructure and economics that are among the best in the world. Small villages that look like they’re from a postcard. This makes Belgium the ideal place for media production of many sorts. Even if we talk about movies, TV series, documentaries, or video advertisements.

One of the main pros of why you should do media production in Belgium is accessibility. Filming permits are easy to get in Belgium, no matter what you want to shoot. Regardless if you want to be part of a European Union Committee gathering as a documentaries crew, or just go to Gent and shoot the superb canals, you will usually be able to get your permit in a week’s time. The bureaucracy has been cut down to ensure small and large crews have access to the many filming locations in the country.

On the downside, one thing you should consider are the prices. Being a developed country in the middle of Europe, Belgium is not for all pockets. Plan your shooting days right will lower costs. But keep in mind that even accommodation or transportation for your staff will be a tad more than in a country such as Italy, or Spain. If you can cover the costs though, Belgium will pay for it!

Best places to film in Belgium

Based on the type of media production in Belgium you’re about to do, there are certain places to film that are the best in the country. Starting with Gent, a small city in the Western part of the country, not far from Bruxelles. Gent has got them all when it comes to filming scenes. From rivers with beautiful wooden cottages on their sides to castles, stone bridges, parks, and historical landmarks. Gent is so diverse, you can hold your entire production in here without moving one mile outside the area of the city.

If you’re looking for something even more remote, Bruges is the answer. This traditional city stands in the far West of the country, and it is a spectacular sight to see and shoot at. If Gent is a tad more modern and futuristic, Bruges is like taking a time machine to medieval Europe. The places of many movies and series, Bruges welcomes both movie makers and documentary producers with the sights and stories that need to be told. One trip to this city is enough to fall in love with it forever.